Aldi – British Pork Crackling Sheets – YouTube

Aldi are now selling British Pork Crackling Sheets! As you may have guessed they are NOT available from the bedding department. Let’s go to Aldi and see what all the fuss is about! p.s. Phil, hold the camera the other … Continued

Tom Kerridge the Chef Lost 150 Pounds Eating Pork Scratchings!

Tom Kerridge the Chef Lost 150 Pounds Eating Pork Scratchings If you think it’s hard to stick to healthy new year’s resolutions—make healthier meal choices, work out more, and maybe shift a couple of pounds—just imagine how difficult it must … Continued

Michał Kulesza – Lego photo project on Behance

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Michał Kulesza – Lego photo project on Behance Back in November 2015, Polish photographer Michał Kulesza decided to start a daily photo project in which he would shoot one creative photo involving LEGO bricks every day. He decided to capture … Continued

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The Beer Pipeline of Bruges – Tom Scott

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Tom Scott investigates… In Belgium, there’s an underground beer pipeline. Yes, it’s inherently difficult to film something that’s underground, but he headed over to Bruges to investigate anyway. READ MORE

Amazing beer can design…

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Amazing beer can design… What can I say, fantastic fresh look at beer can design. Different is not always the way to get your head above the crowd. The world is full of... READ MORE

Tea Making Tips 1941

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Tea is the best drink on earth. Better than beer because it doesn’t rely on an ingredient to sway our opinion of it. Who likes alcohol free beer? I rest my case. Anyway,... READ MORE